Where bright ideas take seed and grow...

...one client at a time!

The Image Group is a creative design consultancy that specializes in grassroots marketing,
and offers our clients "Big City Results on a Small Town Budget" - promoting both
local & regional businesses and product lines - from the ground up!

At the Image Group, you'll never be a number, nor will your work get buried in a production schedule. 

We limit our client base to ensure that everyone's work gets full attention, so - you'll think you were our only client!
We're not the kind of creative house you've seen before. We can give you the innovation and flexibility
of a new
  agency and the involvement and responsiveness of an older, established firm. Yet, because of
our network
of researchers, creators and executors of major local, regional and national
campaigns, we offer the
experience and power for you to compete,
successfully - with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Our company's website address really describes what we do.

Simply put - at The Image Group - we wear many hats.

In our line of work, we have to.

We're often putting out fires or running to someone's rescue.

It's what we do!

When a client has an image emergency...
whether it's a last minute update (or overhaul) to their website,
a rebranded product package design or the introduction of a new business
...we get the call - and we do it all.

Corporate I.D. and Logo Design:

Nothing cookie-cutter about what we cook-up on behalf of our clients.

Our product brand identities and corporate logo marks are as distinctively unique
as the clients they represent.  Each have a fresh-from-the-kitchen quality and
 are designed to match the tastes of our clients and are prepared with
the individual appetites of their specific customers in mind.

To view the sampling of what we've whipped up...
simply "tap" on the chef's hat above.

Print and Product Package Design:

Newspaper, magazine, brochure, annual reports, point-of-purchase,
product packaging, out-door/billboard/signage, and full campaigns...

Our writers, photographers, designers and production staff have done them all...
and a few have won a number of awards along the way.

Website Design and Strategic Marketing:

Incorporating text, video, animation and graphics doesn't have to be like mapping out a complex dance number.

Creating your website is only the first step.  Managing its content with regular updates,
enhancements and search engine optimization requires more than just template-provided
fancy footwork, but also experienced choreography.  Add a customized ecommerce
shopping cart to all that, and you'll have a surefire money-maker!

We have the know-how, understanding and commitment to fit the right approach to your needs.
  Add some of the industries best music and video production collaboration - to make sure the sound
measures up to the pictures and words - and you're certain to give your customers something to remember!

In Vermont...?!
Sure, why not? Who says ad agencies and marketing firms have to be in a stuffy office on Madison Avenue's
concrete jungle to produce successful material?  In fact, we operate out of a century-old converted horse barn.
Don't let the location fool you - there is nothing old fashioned about the work we do or the equipment we use.
Besides, technology permits us to be just a text, e-mail,
phone call or internet video conference away,
so we don't have to waste time in cross-town freeway traffic, or money on high rise rent!

The Bottom Line:
If you've read this far... we must be doing something right.

If you're interested in finding out what you will gain from our ideas, our enthusiasm and our experience,
contact our Creative Director, Sandy Korda - by calling: 802.382.0433, or drop him an email at:
He'll be happy to discuss what we can do for you.

Although we hate to admit it, our own in-house website was more like that of the fabled 'cobbler's
children going without shoes' - as we've been busy addressing the needs of our clients - and regrettably
our own web presence... until now.  This is a "work-n-progress" and a complete redesign,
and may take a bit longer to have fully operational.  Please feel free to revisit this site - from time to time -
and check on our progress.  We're certain you'll like what you find (and would love to hear what you think)!

We thank you for your interest and patience. 

All of the links should be back up and running very shortly. 

Right now, our clients' work comes first.

2013 The Image Group  400 Main Street Orwell, Vermont 05760 USA

  (802) 382-0433  eMail: support@image911.com